2nd Global coordinated observation of the Pornhub homepage

Pornhub insights with a critical take on personalization algorithm

The Second Experiment will be in ― on the 30th of March 2020.

This is the Final report of potest#1, our first small experiment, . From the first findings, we have designed this new test.

You should open a sequences of pages in Pornhub, they are linked below

Please note: each open page should display a small note on the bottom-right corner: it confirms we acquired the page, it takes less than 20 seconds. This is the minimum time you should keep a page opened, then close it, and move through the 7 points:

  1. The methodology
  2. Still should be defined
  3. Will be ready the day before the test
  4. In the meanwhile, book the event in your calendar!


You’ll have to wait until the 19 of February, but to catch up with us, you can read the details of the first analysis: we are going to repeat the same analysis and compare if the straight version has visible differences from the gay version.