Since January 2019 we conducted a little set of experiments on Pornhub.

The tool we built to analyze Youtube Algorithm, was a good starting point to analyze the platform since they are both Tube Sites, streaming audiovisual content.

Ideas for researchers

Researchers can use the tool to understand and show where and how Pornhub personalization algorithm works, to identify metrics able to influence it, and to carry out higher level researches, for instance about the sociologic impact on sexuality. Can a personalization algorithm push towards user’s radicalization towards a specific form of sadism?

Similarly to the test done by fbTREX+WebFoundation, during the Argentinian G20, or our YouTube initial analysis, it is advisable to use simulated circumstances in order to bring actors into only one situation of divergence and study what factors are causing it.

Contacts ←

email: pornhub-team[at] tracking[dot]exposed