Watch a tech-company fu*k your behavior data!

Help us cum to a better understanding of how they data-slave you!

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Algorithm roughplay? Let’s check it’s safe, sane, and consensual.

In adult-oriented business the Tube Site Pornhub is the biggest and the most important actor for content personalization and it utilizes data analysis as a plus value and as an important communication and marketing tool, in a manner of speaking it does also a data pornography.

Like its competitors and other popular social media, it collects a certain amount of data on how users interact with the platform. This data, besides being useful for market analysis, are also used to customize the user experience, even if sometimes the users are unaware of it.

The section /recommended proposes to the users videos that should be satisfying for them, according to the company and thanks to the personalization algorithm, based on what they saw before and how they saw it. As many other data company, we don’t know how our data are processed by Pornhub. We might expect they just suggest what matters for you and this is win-win because it makes them profit from it. But are we sure? is a browser extension that allows to study ed analyze the implications of this personalization algorithm through the collection and comparison of individualized experiences that Pornhub users receive.

Necessary disclaimer: this is an unfunded experimental working prototype: don’t expect fireworks