1st Global coordinated observation of the Pornhub homepage

Pornhub insights with a critical take on personalization algorithm

The experiment was Sunday January 19th! Collection closed. We'll coordinate further experiments and release update here.

Add the poTREX extension

What is pornhub.tracking.exposed?

Follow the links


Unravel the algorithmic mist

our manifesto


You should open a sequence of pages in Pornhub, which are linked below

Please note: each open page should display a small note on the bottom-right corner: it confirms we acquired the page, it takes less than 20 seconds. This is the minimum time you should keep a page opened, then close it, and move through the 7 points:

  1. Open the PornHub homepage (it keeps changing the hot videos, let’s record what is displayed first in your country)

  1. Open the page generated by Pornhub containing the videos recommended for you

  1. Open this video, it’s been on Pornhub for 11 years.

  1. Open to recommended for you, let’s see if and how it they are changed.

  1. Open this video, which has been published yesterday .

  1. Open again the recommended for you.

  1. Lastly, open the homepage.

Done! Thank you, we hope you enjoy it :)

At this point, feel free to uninstall the browser extension, or download your data. You can even delete the data submitted, but please don’t do it until January 21st, or we can’t copy your contribution as part of this experiment.


Our primary goal, in the first test, is to see how much the personalized experience changes among people performing the same actions.

All steps in the test have a motivation behind it:

Our goal is not to investigate why Pornhub does what they do, yet, but rather to take some basic measurements and test our process.